10 Keys Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can prove a daunting task not only the bride and groom but also to those around them. The wedding responsibility not only falls on the couple but a whole lot of weight is placed upon their family members and friends too. For a wedding to be successful, planning is very important.

There is the expected excitement and apprehension that comes with organizing every little detail of a wedding, down to the nitty gritty. This often means that some things may go unplanned or altogether forgotten. Often this brings about a lot of tension building up to the wedding day. The emotions will be running high and unfortunately, no one is more disappointed and discontented than the new couple. This is certainly not a way to start a marriage.

At Greater Philly DJs, we pride ourselves professional wedding planners. Our services are not limited to music or entertainment only, we assist the bride and groom in making the right decisions when it comes to everything they need to make their day special, content and memorable.

The one important advice to our clients is that every couple needs to keep a detailed journal. This way, they can keep a scheduled timeline leading up to the wedding day and they will stay on point with all the plans and the vendors.

These are some of the areas in wedding planning that are important to take first priority and need special attention, just as much as the other areas of the wedding, because through our experience, we have noticed that they tend to take a back seat. This is for your utmost consideration:

  • Budget: Your budget will determine everything you need for your wedding day. We will advise you accordingly to what is possible or otherwise. Our couples have realistic expectations to match their finances.
  • Size: Even though our newlyweds would prefer that all their family and friends be included on their special day, sometimes, that is not always possible. We will look at the size of guest list, the size of the bridal party, the size of the venue, the food, all the time keeping in mind the budget constraints if any.
  • Location: There are various venues available, from the garden, church, community halls, the beach. According to their preferences, we will advise and book the venues accordingly.
  • Style: The style of the wedding is always a couple personal From color choice, decorations of the venues and the flowers. We have experts on hand to advice and make the proper arrangements.
  • Season: From winter weddings, summer or autumn. We advise on the most favorable seasons to match the style of the wedding. We do not want our clients day to be ruined as a result of an unpredictable downpour, being snowed down or damaging winds.
  • Time of day: We will consider the guest's availability and other constraints that may come up such as if there are a lot of children, then a daytime wedding would be more favorable.
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