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Wedding DJs

There is the expected excitement and apprehension that comes with organizing every little detail of a wedding, down to the nitty gritty. This often means that some things may go […]

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DJs in philadelphia, Affordable DJs, Wedding DJs in Philadelphia, Photo Booth, Uplighting Philadelphia, Greater Philly DJs, DJ Service Philadelphia

Bat and Bar Mitzvah DJs

Bat Bar Mitzvah DJs Event Planning We offer games at each and every Bat Bar Mitzvah with affordable DJ prices. I think you’ll agree with me when I say it is […]

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DJs in philadelphia, Affordable DJs, Wedding DJs in Philadelphia, Photo Booth, Uplighting Philadelphia, Greater Philly DJs, DJ Service Philadelphia

Corporate Event DJs

Corporate Event Planning During company’s social and recreational events for corporate event teams play an important role in corporations and when used appropriately, corporate events can go a long way towards […]

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DJs in philadelphia, Affordable DJs, Wedding DJs in Philadelphia, Photo Booth, Uplighting Philadelphia, Greater Philly DJs, DJ Service Philadelphia

Sweet 16 DJs

Sweet 16 Event Planning When planning a son or daughters Sweet 16 party parents try their best to give their kids the best party possible. We promise to do nothing but […]

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Difference between Wedding DJ & Birthday Party DJ

Wedding DJs and Birthday party DJs both provided some specific skills. Both are demanding their unique right and are different from each other. If you are planning your party, you should always be prepared. Following are some unique difference between Wedding DJs and Birthday party DJs. 

Wedding DJs: 

As a Wedding DJ, you should plan everything from walking down the aisle to a cake cutting. It is important to have well-defined collaboration with the bride, groom, family members, wedding planner, staff so that everyone involved in the ceremony. Always be prepared to make a wonderful announcement, Be attentive and responsive to everything. Weddings can be complex so as wedding DJs, there should know prayers, traditions, specific toasts, and other events.

Along with the attentive and responsive, wedding DJs always be engaged and full of positive energy. They keep a good level of class and professionalism. As wedding DJs, it is your responsibility to never bore your audience. Having the proper balance of charm and charisma that engage the audience in their special event.

Everything from dinner music to the first dance performance is important. Board musical knowledge is necessary to engage an audience is necessary. Memories are celebrated during the whole function. Ensure that great lasting memory is the best thing in celebrating any event.

Birthday party DJs:

The party DJs may not offer you the same skill sets as offered by the wedding DJs.  The perfect professional party DJs are those that bring lots of fun, energy, and professionalism. They have the best skillset and experience brings a birthday party event to an awesome level. Birthday party DJs should have professional skills in music selection, skilled MCs, and database, and dance floor.

Birthday party DJs enhance the party by amazing photography and photo booths services. Birthday parties are always meant to have full fun, so if you are birthday party DJs, then always make sure to have guaranteed fun for everyone. Guest have more expected to have a fun mix, dance-offs, group singing and much more. It is a great day to celebrate, so make it as memorable as you can.

The party DJs is much more casual, but it never means to loosen your focus. The charismatic birthday party DJs is confident, plays to a crowd and conduct the unique flow of dance floor. Always unique and full of energy to make the party remarkable and memorable. 

No matter, if you are a club, mobile, festival or wedding DJ, musical knowledge is most important. You have to properly search on which type and event will give your audience the best memorable time. 


In both types of DJs, there is a need for unique skillsets that makes the event memorable. DJs have to coordinate properly with other vendors to make the event memorable. For an instant before cutting event cake, they make sure that everything like cake and catering equipment is in the proper place. They are also ready to make image and videos of an event so that these moments can be saved forever.  

Top Sweet 16 Parties Ideas

A Sweet 16th birthday is one of the most important milestones that deserved to be well-celebrated in an amazing way. So, if you are planning to organize the best 16th party for your daughter or son, then look no further. I have found the most amazing and adorable sweet 16 ideas that help you to organize the best party. Never miss these fantastic ideas and inspirations. I sure that it will help you to makes your loved one party memorable.   

  1. A Night In Paris:

For this special occasion, Paris is one of the best romantic destinations to celebrate a sweet 16 parties. Think about Eiffel tower which is hanging by lights, birthday banner, and a café scene. You will want to pick the best color theme for the party that increases beauty. Excite yourself and guests with the night in Paris themed with an amazing birthday invitation. The charming and adorable sweet sixteen themes will enable your guest to attend the best birthday bash.

  1. Pool/beach sweet 16th birthday party:

Nothing is much better for your sweet sixteen parties by pulling your bathing suit and then catch amazing sun rays with your girlfriends. The other option for celebrating the 16th party is to organize the cute pool party. The invitation to a cool party will set the best mood for the party and will excite your guests. Detailed with the beach and sand ball, the theme makes your day memorable. With this warm theme, you can enjoy the sun, sand and have a lot of fun.  

  1. Outdoor movie party:

An outdoor movie party is another extremely fantastic sweet sixteen theme for those teem who wants to watch movies. Hanging up with movie posters, string light, soda dispenser flicks, and old-machine popcorn machine, you can make your loved one birthday memorable. The relax mode party theme is loved by a birthday friend and kid. You may want to include movie bingo or trivia with your friends to enjoy a lot.

  1. Sugary-sweet sixteen:

If your friends like sweets, then consider making their 16th birthday party all about sweet things. Some of the important sweet's things are cookie bars, games of candy land and candy bag fill-up station. The kind of party can easily be decorated with plenty of sweet bright colors and makes their day adorable and memorable.  

  1. Sweet Sixteen BBQ:

BBQ's make easy and fun birthday party theme that is full of amazing friends and food. The BBQ's party makes the best option for the sweet sixteen parties for those teenagers having a birthday in warn summer month.

  1. Slumber sweet sixteen:

You are never too old for enjoying the old-fashioned slumber sweet sixteen parties. Just invite your best friends, set up light with full relaxation and fun. Create the best mashup of favorite movies, but the best sweet treats, food and turn the living area into best sleeping space if anyone wants to spend the night. Some other activities that can perform are nail painting, board games, and DIY facials.


With all these sweet sixteen birthday party ideas, we hope that you inspire to plan the super birthday party. If you have a query or question, then let us know about it. Celebrate in style with these amazing ideas to makes your loved one special day more special and memorable.

Top Wedding Venues and Locations for Philadelphia Pa

If you are planning the wedding locations in or near Philadelphia, there are many venues that you choose from. Lodges, hotels, golf courses, ballrooms, and gardens_ you will find the best among all. Many locations offer you rick and fascinating venue that makes your wedding adorable and stunning. We offer you the best weddings venue and locations for Philadelphia. So, just have a look at an exciting list.  Knot, wedding wire

  1. Parque: (Newtown square, pa)

If you are a hopeless lover and romantic individual of the outdoors and history, then Parque is the best dream venue for you. It is the location and venue that is operated by the "Peachtree catering". The location is also known as the "Hunting Hill Mansion. It is a stone castle-like venue and historical location which is situated in the west of Newtown square Philadelphia. The location is near the Ridley creek state park that added the uniqueness to enjoy your wedding day via reflecting pool, lined tree, wild forest and stone walls. It was built in 1915.

  1. Terrain:

Are you want to start your new life? then Terrain wedding venue is the best option for you. Say hello to the most beautiful and modern rustic location. The terrain is best for garden paradise lover that brings a natural look and an adorable touch of boho. In hot summer, you can enjoy the beautiful lush green environment of this amazing place. You can also enjoy the overflowing plant's supply in the indoor and outdoor area that looks more beautiful by added sun rays and rain. In the winter season, you enjoy patio lined and cuddly holiday vibe with amazing Christmas trees. It is a one-stop-shop for the amazing garden wedding venue for your cute dream.

  1. Hotel Du Village:

In 2018, Hotel Du Village is one of the best and popular photographed venue. It is the perfect mix between the sleek, modern and rustic location. The team of this location improves and preserves the building and grounds to add more beauty. It offers you locations and options for cocktail hour, ceremony and receptions. Due to plenty of options, a couple can easily tailor the wedding day into dreamy reality depends on their vision. It is located in new hope Philadelphia. 

  1. Pomme:

Pomme makes your event special because of many reasons. The venue is an amazing and beautiful blend between the modern and organizes outdoors wedding. The venue located on the mainline and is tucked-away with a covering of trees, with adorable pond and swans. The tall trees offer amazing shade during the hot summer months. It also offers modern indoor space for the reception that looks perfect in all season. Peachtree catering operates and catering to this venue.  The venue located in Randor, pa with tree act as true culinary artists.

  1. Bartram’s Gardens:

Are you looking for the best old-world pastoral garden vibes with amazing French chateau feel? Then Bartram’s gardens are the right place for you. It is situated in Philadelphia. It is not only the historical garden in the country but also a picturesque and stunning at each turn.  The garden can easily hold 350 guests and you can enjoy a lot with all the modern facilities.

Q & A Who are the Top 6 Actors and Actresses

The best and top-rated actors and actresses of all-time, either male or female, is ranked by the film fans all over the world. This amazing list of greatest actors and actress will give you an answer to the question that "Who will be in the top 5 list of best actors and actress?”.  All these actors and actresses are best but my favorite among all of these are Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Jamie Fox. 

  1. Denzel Washington:

Denzel Washington. Jr. is one of the best American Actor as well as filmmaker. He is the one who receive the best 3-Golden Globe Awards, best supporting actor for one of the historical war drama film glory, 2-academy awards, and best actor for his role as the corrupt cop in a "crime thriller training day".

  1. Will Smith:

Willard Carroll is an American comedian, rapper, actor, and songwriter. He is well-known for his best career acting. He also works in many popular movies like After the Earth, The men in Black Franchise, etc. Smith is referred to as the best African-American Actor. His name brings lots of his audiences as well as fabs. He is an awesome and funny person.

  1. Jamie Foxx:

The original name of Jamie Foxx is Eric Marlon Bishop. He is professionally well-known by his stage name "Jamie Fox". He is an American Actor, Comedian, Songwriter, and singer. He won the Best Actor Oscar I 2005. According to him, actors should not focus on winning awards but to attract lots of audience by providing them the best Acting performance and entertainment.

  1. Halle Berry:

Halle Maria Berry is the best American Actress. She won the academy award in 2002 for the best actress performance in one of the romantic dramas “Monster’s ball. She is only the black women that won the award. She is always adventurous and beautiful. I love to watch her movies. She performs awesome in every aspect. 

  1. Morgan Freeman:

Morgan Freeman was born on June 1st, 1937. He is one of the legendary American narrator and actor. In 2005, he won the academy award for the best supporting actor because of well performance in "Million Dollar Baby". He also received an Oscar nomination for best performances in Driving Miss Daisy, Invictus, The Shawshank Redemption and Street Smart. He is an amazing guy and offers the best velvet voice as well as the depth of the soul. He offers the best working taste with Robert Redford and Tim Robbin.

  1. Samuel L. Jackson:

He is the best actor and his full name is Samuel Leroy Jackson. He is an American film producer and actor. He receives lots of prominences as well as critical acclaim in the early 1990s with popular films like True Romance, Jurassic Park, Patriot Games, and Amos & Andrew. He is the best Black actor forever. He also works with Quentin Tarantian in many films like Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown.


Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx are the three men that perform very well in drama films and brings lots of entertainment in our lives. They have played the role of the best legendary real-life musicians, activists' heroes like Muhammad Ali, Ray Charles, and Malcolm X. But I am still wondering because Smith did not receive the best academy award for his adorable role as Ali.  Hope you will enjoy the short introduction of top 6 actors and actress. So, I have a question: what your favorite actor or actress is? Answer us in the comment box.